Apple’s International iPad AppStore

This news will definitely be a good one for the people who have got iPad from US may be through their friends or through some dealers.But even after buying device you would have been finding difficult to download things as AppStore was also available only in US.

As you will be aware that Apple has started taking preorders from many countries like UK, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, and Switzerland following which the App Store went live with all the above countries.Though the news was gathered by Engadget its still not released from Apple.But if this going to be the information from Apple then its sure that all the above countries will be definitely seeing the updates about the local iPad App store

So if you are struggling to get for US iTunes Store account then actually you need not from now on.
You can now purchase and download apps for the device from your local iPad App Store.

iPhone OS 4.0 Beta version

Many information and images on latest upcoming Apple’s devices and OS are getting leaked and now about iPhone OS which is actually trying to include many features of iPad and iPod.It seems in the next generation devices of iPhone and even iPad and iPod Camera may be an additional feature for sure.
But it looks like iPhone may not have the flash support.If its going to have camera and not the flash support then it will be a sad news for many of the features.But its really not confirmed about whether iPhone is going to have the flash support removed or its just updating its error messages.However it could be but there is some leaked error messages which is actually shown in Engadget and here it is

But most of the leaked applications of Apple are now available for download from iModZone.It is actually a very generous one to share the iPhone OS 4.0 Beta Firmware for iPhone 3GS & 3G and iPod Touch 2G & 3G.

Other leaked features of about iPhone 4.0

BoyGenius has collected all the information on leaked features of iPhone.

    Multiple applications can be made available to run in the background of the application and hence it will be able to compete with Android’s multi-tasking abilities

    Many UI and Graphic changes which is sure to attract many customers

    3G and 3GS can be updated with the new version

    Many Calender applications

    Experience of real computers can be had with this new version of Apple OS

Apple iPhone 4G release date is getting postponed since January and its now expected to be released this July.

Gizmo Tablet – lookalike of iPad

Many companies are trying to hit the market with their own tablet computers aiming to give a tough competition to iPad.But the real question is why does everyone aims to produce a very similar lookalike of iPad?May be they have something in mind that people would buy their products only if its similar to iPad.But this itself shows the victory of iPad. Ok but apart from the look and feel the competent products are also coming out with different features inside their tablet computers.Following HP Slate,WeTab and all its now the turn of Gizmo giving out a new tablet computer looks like a sibling of iPad but with a difference.

Difference is obviously not going to be the look and feel but with the touch system and also with the price.This tablet computer is pricing just $120 compared to iPad which is almost four times the price.If you remember price of iPad ranges from $499 to $699.A much lower price with Gizmo is dependent on the products they use to construct the software like sans cheap and plasticky imitation of the aluminum bezel.

Gizmo also provides smooth HD video up to 1080p. It has many features like audio jacks, a single mini-USB port, and an SD card reader, Android OS could be added at a later stage.

Price of Gizmo Tablet Computer is just $120