Mac Book Air : Steve Jobs Makes a big joke..

Before introducing Macbook air Steve Jobs has said to the assembled Mac Maniacs and Reporters. “Others compromise on feauture when going for ultrathin notebooks, But Apple has best mix of both”. So he set a high expectation with his presentation. Then when manias saw the Technical Specifications they din know whether to laugh or cry.

It read :

Only one USB slot

No ethernet port (You can buy  a USB ethernet from Apple)

Max of 80GB..

Battery cant be replaced

Mono Speakers(No stereo)

Only one headphone jack(not even a mic/input)

Wifi supports only bg protocals.

Wifi range is very low compared to Lenovo X300.

No card reader.

Aluminium body.

No Monitor Output.

No DVD drive.

1280 by 800 pixels is the max resolution.

So with all these feautures Mac Book Air is the WORST feauture rich Laptop you can buy for 3000$. Anybody wants to donate that to Steve Job’s Apple Inc.