Apple Shipping iPhone 4S with A5 processor to Devs

The rumour is that Apple has started shipping few iPhone 4’s with A5 dual core processor to many Big Game Developers. This could very well the precursor to the next major iPhone version in the near future. But what makes it more intriguing is that phone shipped to developers is almost same as the iPhone 4  in terms of looks. The difference is in the processor, Memory and the 8 MP camera.

Meanwhile there are also rumors of a white iPhone with TMobile USA 3G version. But it very well could be just pictures of TMobile UK iPhone, which is more probable.

It raises the question if we will have a iPhone 5 or a iPhone 4S  very soon?

White iPhone 4 to be available in a month

Well it is one of the puzzles associated with iPhone 4, where Apple stopped its white iPhone  after promising to release it along with the Black version. It is rumored that there were reception (more than the black) due to the white paint blocking the Radio signal and Deterioration of the paint due to heat.

But after the iPad 2 launch, everyone was confident that apple indeed will go back to launching the white version of its  flagship product. But now one wonders whether there will be a major rejig of the back panel of the White iPhone? Will it be same as Black iPhone with a different white paint? or will be Aluminium as with iPad 2 ?. If no major change , it makes it more strange that Apple had taken this long to find the proper mix.

But lets not confuse us to much, based on the rumors  the new white iPhone could well be coming out as early as next month.. or maybe its white version iPhone 5/whatever is next version.