Google’s funniest April fool day jokes

Today is not April Fools Day but still there are some interesting jokes on April Fools day by Google.

Google always have the habit to release some interesting,funny,shocking and surprising ideas on April Fools day and they have made 2010 also very exciting one.One of most funniest and shocking joke this year was that about renaming the company name of Google.
Can u ever imagine on this?

Google is the hypnotizing word for all the internet users around the world.But on April 1st Google fooled all people by saying that Google company will be renamed to Topeka, Inc

Google has invented an application that translates Animals voices to English.

You Tube no more displays video.To save a dollar per second in bandwidth costs and to improve literacy you tube will display only the text and as an addon text with ASCII code will be displayed in an animated format.

Google will now display search results by mind reading.You need not key in the word that you want to search.Instead just think of something in front of google and the word will be searched.

Google ranks search results based on the pecking of real trained pigeons.

Google setting up their centre on Moon and now job hiring is started for it.

Google introduces a drink that will increase the intelligence of the Drinker.The drink name is Google Gulp.

Gmail gives you physical copy of emails when a request is placed by the user and its called as Gmail paper.

Gmail allows you to send emails back dated.But there is also a limit in sending such fake emails.

Does it help in SEO if you host same content in two domains ?

This post answers the following questions

  • Does it help in SEO to host the same content in two domains?
  • Is it a good idea to host two copies of your site?
  • Can I use two domain names?

Well the answer is no, and absolutely not. If you host duplicate content the end result might send both your domains to bottom of the search results. This creates a duplicate content issue, so Google will think at least one of the site is copying or mirroring the content. And you will never get double the traffic. And your new domain will never see the top of the search rankings.

So if you are planning to migrate to a new domain, then set a permanent 301 redirect in the old domain for at least 3 months before retiring the old domain. If your audience come mainly through Search engines this should be fine, but if they come through other site links, then you might need to change those links or keep the old site’s redirect on.

You can find how to set up a permanent 301 redirect here

Article on 301 Redirect

How good is googlebot?

I was going for a walk here in OHIO and found a shop with words “This shop is powered by Google search”, Its a real estate company which occupies top spot in Google’s rankings. It now brings us to the question why should someone display such a banner in front of their shop? Is it advertisement for Google ? or Is it a fashion? I think its more to do with  gratitude.

There are too many companies in the web world which rely solely on Google search and Google adsense programs.Many websites might fall if Google decides to take them for a ride(I know they won’t 🙂 ). “Every possible site exists in Google search database” and you can reframe the sentence “A site exists only if it is in Google search”, that is how much Google has control over the search engine market.

Its not the control and market dominance which fascinates me, rather its the perfection or finesse with which it accomplishes the task.Over the last few years I have been involved with Googlebot (my favorite word is the google serpent) in many ways.It has taken nearly 2-3 years for me to understand the efficiency and presence of googlebot.Its fast,it crawls every thing and it punishes harshly whenever junk is thrown at it.

Sometime back when the SEO comapnies started out spreading their wings everybody was wondering whether SEO’s will rule the roost.But Googlebot proved them wrong pretty soon, any tactic to get a better rank had improvements in the short term but the cost? Many sites were blocked/punished, they were simply thrown to last pages of search results.

So how good and how receptive is googlebot ? I did a little research on one of my site(or rather a mistake), I tried to pass some keywords which will give me a better ad revenues, though the keywords were not totally off topic for my site but they were itly for content not present in my site. Within a few days my site’s search visitors reduced, and to my astonishment(shock) site appeared exactly in 41/42 nd position for the same keyword which I had first five places in search rankings earlier.

So is it the -40 filter? I guess so and it responded pretty quickly for my liking.It responded pretty fast to my keyword seeding / keyword spawning and the punishment was harsh as well, I lost nearly 80% of my site visitors thanks to the fourth page result. If Google had banned my site or applied -5000 filter or something my site would have become extinct in a day.

Once I removed the keywords it took my site to regain the top spot within  a week or two. I should feel pretty lucky to have regained my spot in search rankings.And the search ranking was regained mainly by referrals, which makes us to have a look at reffering sites.

Some people call it Authority sites, if a Site say refers my site for certain Indian news articles my site’s ranking will increase, thats because is the top authority site for Indian news. In my case the sites fighting for my keyword also were mine and since they were referring to my first site, it didn take long for me to get back to top spot.But a year back similar misadventure led to closure of my news site, by now I know how to work with googlebot, Dont try to be over smart with googlebot, If your site is really worth it will get a good rank else you will be punished.

I will update more filters and the Google sandbox in a few days. Signup for receiving articles from  this site.