Difference between Pulsar 220 DTS Fi vs Pulsar 220 DTSi (2009)

Bajaj introduced its newer and technologically inferior Pulsar 220 DTSi recently. And many would be wondering what are the differences between its previous model Pulsar 220 DTSFi and 2009 model. Here they are

1. Pulsar loses ‘F’ – fuel injection this was touted to be an advanced ignition system, but its actual benefits in Pulsar was limited but it increased the price of the older DTSFi Model. So this is a welcome step as it cotributes to a huge reduction in price.

2. The new pulsar loses the Oil Cooled Engine and gets a Air cooled Engine, if you are travelling long distances oil cooled engines definitely help as they coolant takes care of heat thus avoiding engine damage, but with air cooled models and at high speeds you will need to chill for some time between long drives. So this is not a great move.

3. Engine has been tweaked a little for high speed ie More Raw Horse Power.

3. But the best part is the price of the Bajaj flagship model has been reduced to Rs 74,000 in the same range as Hero Hond Karizma, a whopping 15,000 Rs reduction in price ie 16% reduction in cost.

On the other hand the new pulsar still keeps the Front and Rear Disc Brakes, Tubeless tyres for safe driving which keeps the Pulsar 220 way ahead of the competition at current price. Lets wait and see if Hero Honda does something special to counter the new “Fastest indian”