What really happened with Michael Flynn?

After several rumors on Michael Flynn’s call with Russian ambassador about Russian sanctions, the rumors have been vindicated with resignation of Flynn.

The circumstances leading to his resignation points to a battle of GOP vs Trump’s inner circle. Flynn briefed Mike Pence on the Russian call with misleading information and still became the NSA chief. GOP circles believe, Trump was well aware of the call and only Pence and his team was left out of the details.

Michael Flynn being a high profile intelligence expert must have been well aware of the consequences. But his blatant disregard for national security and discussions in details with a Russian diplomat on details of the sanctions leads to several questions.

NSA Michael Flynn resigns with Russian Ties.

Why Trump’s team needs to appease Russia?

GOP insiders point that Flynn was part of the inner circle along with Bannon, Kelly Ann and this call might cause more discomfort for Trump and GOP eventually.  It also makes one wonder how much of the Russian Dossier on Trump is true?. Trump has constantly refused even to say US is better than Russia. He and his close aides have maintained high praise for Putin.

Targeting Priebus to divert pressure on Flynn

Recent interviews by Ruddy one of Trump’s close business partner pointing finger on Priebus was a directed attack from Trump’s circle. Ruddy made these statements immediately after a meeting with Trump over the weekend. Several media and republican party members have pointed this was a attack on GOP and Pence for pressuring Team Trump on Flynn.

Battle to continue

Even with media and public opinion against Sean Spicer, KellyAnn and Steve Bannon, it is expected that Trump will keep his close circle. But the battle is expected to intensify in coming days. Mike Pence with support of GOP will exert pressure to clean the house and one or many of Trump’s close team could be targets. On the other hand Priebus is on weak footing as he is seen as unreliable by the Trio of Bannon, Spicer and KellyAnn Conway. With the infighting only to increase in next few weeks, Trump admin faces uncertain times.