Top US cities by H1B and their Average H1B Salary for 2016

The following are the Top 10 and their average Salary (Salary should be considered as the least possible), as Actual salaries will have to be more than the LCA salaries.

This list is compiled from LCA’s applied for each location for 2016 and only 90% accurate , as some of LCA’s might not end up with actual hiring. Based on data we verified many of positions showed lower than actual salaries. Unless Department of Labor releases actual salaries we may not get a full picture.

#City Name# of H-1B FilingsAverage Salary
1NEW YORK125,168$96,260
3SAN FRANCISCO46,923$105,473
6SAN JOSE36,680$102,323
10MOUNTAIN VIEW22,977$120,341


Based on the above data New York seems to be the city of choice for companies hiring H1B employees. Additionally Salary in New York is relatively low for cost of living. On the bottom Mountain View, California seems to enjoy the best average Salary for H1B employees.

Places like Irving which have lower Cost of Living has an average salary around $75,000 per annum.

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