Mozilla likely to release ‘Firefox 4’

is likely to release on March 22, its Release Candidate was on March 9th. The browser has features like , , , , (feature that allows you to drag and drop tabs from tab clutter to manageable groups for naming and organizing in a different way), Manage your Add-Ons (is a small indicator on the top left which indicates you by slightly glowing when new mails/ any other notifications you recieve), (which lets you to synchronize the settings, bookmarks, passwords, and other customiztion to multiple devices).

The browser also has features which are under the hood such as and (with HTML5 video standards), (for an efficient and better graphics viewing in the browser, it changes to C++ representation for the javascript values so that it can execute large amount of numeric code), , Multi-Touch support, 3D on the web, Retained layers (for faster scrolling for web pages with complexity), , XPCOM, Stylin’ Pages with CSS3 (for adding animations to web pages), , , HTML5 support, Web Console,  (for easier developments of Add-Ons, also for installing the Add-Ons without the need to restart the browser), Full Hardware Acceleration (for a super-fast experience of graphics acceleration on Windows, Linux and etc., with Direct2D and Direct3D), , , (the browser provides an uninterrupted browsing for Microsoft SilverLight plugins, Adobe Flash and etc., even though a crash occurs and the page has to be restarted to reload the plugin), and (where the browser establishes a secure connection to the servers)

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