Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB vs Western Digital Elements 1TB Comparison

Seagate FreeAgent : is of (Tera Bytes) capacity with 2.0 as interface. The of the drive are 158 mm in height, 124 mm in width, 44 mm in length, its weight is 1080 g and 3.5 inches of form factor. The drive comes in both vertical and horizontal orientation.

The comes with for easy learning for installation and usage. Once it is plugged in you can easily take a backup of your files from your pc, it also allows you to copy certain selected files from your system to the drive. The files get updated if any changes are made to the files in the system, it turns on and off along with the system.

The drive has , where is 192 bit Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard – block cipher which uses shared secret encryption) this software is provided to secure your back-up files and also protects privacy for your files with the encryption software.

The drive also provides dashboard management tool which allows you to easily manage backup schedules, file encryption and can view drive statistics. The desktop adapter comes with capacity gauge display, the interface can be upgraded to using desktop adapters. Its compatibility varies depending on the , it works on both Windows and Mac OS platforms like , , Windows XP, and etc., the drive is also available in and 3 TB capacities. The price of the harddrive is $89.

WD Elements External Hard drive : is of 1TB(Tera Bytes), USB 2.0 with of 480 Mbps. Its dimensions are 1.42 inches in height, 7.01 inches in depth, 4.59 inches in width, 1.02 kg in weight. The hard drive comes with Quick installation guide therefore easy to install and store all the data from your pc to the external drive, AC adapter for external power supply to the hard drive, USB cable for connecting to your computer.

Its is 5 degrees C to 35 degrees C and non- of -20 degree C to 65 degree C and it dissipates less heat than other hard drive during data transfer. The is compatible with for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, and etc., It is noiseless and has a LED light placed at the rear side of the box. There are also other capacities available like 500 GB, , 2 TB and etc. The price of the harddrive is $79.

While considering the above features of both the hard drive there is nothing much to choose, but Elements is priced lower than Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex and also got much better user reviews. In our test we also found Elements harddrive far superior than Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex

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