A caution for BitTorrent Users

Generally its very easy to get all kind of applications,sofwares,ebooks etc from BitTorrent and its also sometimes easy to download things at free of cost.The concept behind BitTorrent is just sharing that is people who have the original version will share and many seeds may start and many users can do the download parallely.But now there happened some exception due to .It sued around 5000 Bit torrent users due to copy right violation.

Hurt locker has sent them letters to settle the amount of around $1,500 failing which they need to settle around ten times of the initial penalty.Hurt Locker don’t even know about the unauthorised users but identified them using just the ip address.

Hurt locker was seemed to be leaked some 6 months back before its official release in the US.Though it has got around 6 academy awards it still faced some loss due to the copyright piracy and hence they started to identify people using ip address and are also trying to sue them.

So, bit torrent users should have to be careful in downloading contents and need to check whether it has got some copyrights so that you cannot get trapped into similar kind of troubles later

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