Apple releases sneak preview on iPhone 4.0

After launching iPad successfully,Apple is now concentrating on the release of the new version of iPhone OS which is iPhone 4.0.Apple will be releasing a preview on the same to users tomorrow i.e on April 8 2010.
Many new features have been added to this iPhone and features are more of software and OS based and it is not hardware based.Main aim to address many features which are actually considered as drawback in the previous versions of iPhone.

New Features in iPhoneOS 4.0 compared to iPhoneOS 3.0

Multitasking is enabled in this new version and with this multitasking iPhone will allow users to perform multitouch.There will be a dedicated home key and on double clicking the same will display all the details multi programs running on iPhone

Enables users to send email attachments which was actually a main drawback in the previous version

Ability to club multiple email accounts so that all the emails of different accounts will be available in a single inbox.However this feature is not yet confirmed and it will known only after they release some preview on iPhone OS 4.0

Similar to Google Maps for navigation Apple has also designed a new software which provides the navigation details and it may also have the ability to voice over the navigation details.So there is a new feature which is voice guided GPS navigation

Support for handy rotation lock switch

Ability to create group for contacts so that sending SMS to a group of people or may be friends will be very easy.

Apart from these new features there are also some common wish list that has to be added in Apple iPhone.Some of them includes photo editing,complete preemptive multitasking,file browsing and much more.

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  1. I wonder if the dev team and/or geohot will release the alleged programs than can jailbreak 3.1.3 tomorrow as well to use the same exploit on 4.0.

    Any ideas?

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