Notion Ink shows its Ipad Competitor Adam

Notion Inc a India based start up run by an IIM alumni has revealed its Apple Ipad Competitor christened as Adam. The Ipad competitor definitely beats the much anticipated Apple Ipad hands down in terms of Technical Specification. Also the Adam is set to run Google’s Android.

Adam will run on a NVIDIA TEGRA 2 with a Dual Core Cortex A-9 processor, both will provide it huge advantage in terms of power consumption battery. Also the NVIDIA TEGRA supports full HD unlike the Ipad. It supports Multi Touch capabilities just like the Iphone and Ipad and supports A2DP Bluetooth Streaming, one better on the Apple version.

Adam also has a 3.2 MP Swivel Camera for Pictures and Video Chatting on popular IM’s. Adam will also have 2 USB ports , a HDMI port among other standard ports. Adam will also have a sim card slot with support for 3G calling and Data.

In terms of Software ’s adam will also support full Flash browsing, the Adam was shown at the CES minus the custom UI.

With all the above mentioned extra’s the Adam is still expected to be priced lower than Apple Ipad.

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