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Well I understand your look, you might be wondering how can I compare E63 and E72 when they are in totally two different pricing segments.But considering that both these phones cater to those looking for QWERTY based , it definitely makes sense to write this one. I have briefly owned E72 and E63, so here are my observations.

though appears to be an evolved version of Nokia E71, actually is a refinement of E63 + extra features, the keypad is very different from E71 and Same as that of E63. So in more ways E72 is similar in design to E63. So lets look at the major differences

Black edition

Nokia E72 Black

* in E72 vs 2MP Camera in E63 (video FPS is same in both models)
* E72 has a A- with free navigation license (As of Jan 2010).
* E72 has 600 MHZ processor compared to 369 MHZ of E63.
* 256 MB of internal memory in E72 vs 128 MB in E63 (This is not the RAM, RAM is same in both these phones)
* S60 3rd Edition FP2 in E72 vs S60 3rd Edition FP1 in E63.
* HSPDA support of upto 3.6 Mbps in E72 vs 384 Kbps max in E63. (both support )
* 8GB memory card free (E72) vs 1GB memory card (E63)
* Metallic finish of E72 vs E63.

+ Office 2007 format support is available in both E72 and E63 (You will get a free upgrade when installing updates in E63)

Apart from Camera and GPS all other differences are minor.Though the processor upgrade appears to be grand one, without an increased RAM, you maynot see a huge difference in performance between these two devices. Afterall E63 itself is a pretty slick phone. Based on my experience with GPS enabled phones (N95 8GB and N97), I dont see them as a huge plus anyway. If you need to use a GPS for navigating then phone GPS is not powerful / fast enough to get a location, it will be better if you get a real GPS. Camera is a big improvement but again, for a business device camera is not a big factor.

Now both the models are available in Black and if you put the leather pouch over it both looks exactly the same except for the name.

But the biggest deciding factor is the price as of today Nokia E72 costs Rs 20,500/- after taxes in Chennai, whereas the Nokia E63 + A free Nokia Headset BH 103 (bundle) costs Rs 10,800/- almost half the price of the premium model.

So its up to you to decide on your device now..

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