Best deals on popular Nokia mobiles this Holiday Season

Most of the electronics Manufacturers try to clear their old product lines before introducing new models during Christmas, So you can expect good deals on Mobiles and many other devices during the month of of December. Here are some mobiles with their prices slashed ahead of Christmas (2009) and New year 2010.

Super Nova – Rs 4550 /- (30% off)
– Rs 12,200/- (20% off)
– Rs 1650/- (15% off)
– Rs 1850/- (20% off)
Nokia 1209 – Rs 1350/- (20% off)
Xpress Music- Rs 5100/- (15% off)
– Rs 3800/ -(20% off)

So if you are looking for a good bargain / cheap phones these Nokia phones offer a good choice.

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