Nokia X6 vs Nokia 5800 Comparison

has recently launched the X6 and it is basically an upgrade to its first Full touch screen phone 5800 Xpress Music. Many are wondering what are the major changes in the new phone. Here we are listing the differences between the phones.

Touch Screen
– Capacitive
This type screen supports multitouch and it is similar to the one found in Apple Iphone. So this is a major change and will make the touch experience better in the new Nokia.
– Resistive touch screen

Internal Memory
Nokia X6 – 32GB Memory (Doesnt Support Memory card slot)
Nokia 5800 – 81 MB + 8GB Memory Card free

Nokia X6 – 5 MP Camera
Nokia 5800 – 3.2 MP camera

In other features both the phones are almost same both have very similar dimensions, same battery and similar Talk and Standby times, also both phones run S60 V5.
In terms of looks X6 looks seems to be better.

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13 Replies to “Nokia X6 vs Nokia 5800 Comparison”

  1. I agree with your comparison…..
    One thing that I really don’t understand is why Nokia has priced the X6 in such a ridiculous manner…..?!?!?!
    I mean, it’s just a 5800 with a Capacitive Screen, 5 MPx camera & 32 GB storage (24 GB more than the 5800)….. Still, it is priced at more than twice the amount that one would pay for the 5800….. Utterly Ridiculous…..!!!

    1. You forgot about the WH-500 headphones that come with the X6. The 5800 only had those nasty in-ears that came with it. Another reason is the one year subscription for “comes with music”. With this you can download as much music as you want for 365 days. All those features make it more expensive. Ah yes, I forgot about the scratch-proof screen. The 5800’s display gets all scratched if you don’t pay a lot of attention or stick a protective shield on it.

  2. My 5800 hates the cold!! Screen goes all funny!! Common problem apparently…. hope my new x6 isn’t going to suffer the same fate :-/

  3. blast from nokia.good sound ,have bass booster,sound quality is campare to sony.can play hd videos….m happy with my x6…….

  4. No doubt regarding the query. X6 is fabulous compare to 5800.
    Not a single feature that u can find great in X6, but a lot, just like WH-500 Head phones, scratch-proof screen, 5mp cam, and much more.

  5. Guys, I want to know the music quality diff between 5800 and x6.I listen to songs a lot in my phone and I am using nokia 5310.It is a nice mobile , but I was in the idea of getting 5800 until I stumbled upon this.I am gonna purchase 5800 or x6 8gb.Could you please Pitch in your comments on these issues?

    Touchscreen,music quality(i mostly use,speaker quality would not concern me. ),pdf viewer problem and the speed.Also would like to know of the sunlight legibility issue.

    Thank you guys

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