Apple Ipod Nano 5G Introduction

launched its refreshed line up of Ipods on Thursday. One of the major product updates includes its ultra portable ipod lineup of Ipod Nano. The Nano gets quite a list of new features.

Apple Ipod Nano 5G Silver Grey
Apple Ipod Nano 5G Silver Grey

* A larger 2.2 inches bright screen

* FM Radio receiver.

* Video camera (like a webcam) with 600 K Pixels (1000 K Pixels = 1 Mega Pixel or 1MP) – Cant take photos, only videos.

* Voice recording and Voice Memo

* Voice Over – a feature to read the song names and  playlist names.

Apple Ipod Nano 5G FM Radio Yellow Green
Apple Ipod Nano 5G FM Radio Yellow Green

The new Ipod nano 5G (5th Generation) retains the looks of the Ipod Nano 4G and adds these new features.

Though camera and voice over features are merely for “fun”  rather than being really useful, the FM is a very good addition considering most other MP3 players have this basic music feature.

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