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Intel Pentium T4500 vs Intel Celeron 900 Processor Comparison and Review

intel pentium T4500 vs intel celeron 900

Intel Pentium T4500 Processor : This processor has a CPU speed of 2.3 GHz and FSB speed of 800 MHz (Front Side Bus – FSB – is the bus that carries data between the CPU and the one of the two chips in the core logic chip present on a motherboard). It has 64 – […]

First Dual Core Smartphone by LG


The first dual core smartphone by LG is Optimus 2X, LG working with Google Android is said to be launched next month in Korea and later to Europe and Asian countries. Optimus 2X has Nvidia Tegra 2 processor which is the mobile processor with advanced features, it has 2X faster mobile browsing speed, 5X speed […]